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The Dance Floor

July 15th, 2013 Josh
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As a companion to my new website,, and the first set of posts regarding a formalized design process that can be used to ensure success of any project, I am going to undertake a fairly complex project. I have a wedding coming up in October, and so I have a definite time constraint, which means that the success of this project is critical. Since I believe that following “The Formula” will ensure success in projects that have never been done, I am going to follow this process.

So here, I am going to log the first step in The Formula, defining the goal of my project:

Build a dance floor for an outside wedding, at least 16’x16′ square, and do it for less than renting one for $600.

This is the main goal of the project, and if I succeed at this, I will have a vary happy wife. Because I think that building a dance floor is going to be easy (and because I’m a sucker for awesome projects) I’m going to also add a stretch goal:

Integrate an 8×8 interactive illuminated display into the floor.

That’s it for the goal. It was tempting to start to define more constraints, but I’m sticking to The Formula!

The next post in this series will define the operational concept.