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The Dance Floor

July 15th, 2013 Josh
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Dance Floor

As a companion to my new website,, and the first set of posts regarding a formalized design process that can be used to ensure success of any project, I am going to undertake a fairly complex project. I have a wedding coming up in October, and so I have a definite time constraint, which means that the success of this project is critical. Since I believe that following “The Formula” will ensure success in projects that have never been done, I am going to follow this process.

So here, I am going to log the first step in The Formula, defining the goal of my project:

Build a dance floor for an outside wedding, at least 16’x16′ square, and do it for less than renting one for $600.

This is the main goal of the project, and if I succeed at this, I will have a vary happy wife. Because I think that building a dance floor is going to be easy (and because I’m a sucker for awesome projects) I’m going to also add a stretch goal:

Integrate an 8×8 interactive illuminated display into the floor.

That’s it for the goal. It was tempting to start to define more constraints, but I’m sticking to The Formula!

The next post in this series will define the operational concept.

An Office Icon

August 19th, 2009 Josh

four_drawer_letter_file_cabinetThe filing cabinet. It is an icon of organization. The metaphor used to explain computer storage to old people. The timeless cornerstone of nearly every office. And if you are like me, almost completely useless.

Although not totally, my job has gone paperless. The papers that are required are kept in a secure part of my building anyway. So there my file cabinet sits with the 4 pieces of paper I put in it when I got back from training the first day I was here. It is a waste of a perfectly good piece of space.

Today as I scooted by my classic institutional filing cabinet I thought: “what could make this better?” Well, my friends, prepare to have your mind blown. I am going to give you back your office icon, updated with everything you need to make it useful again. Although since I’m blogging on my lunch break, you’ll just have to do with a word description as I’m not prepared to GIMP this thing out.

So without further adieu:

  • Top drawer:
    • fire-proofed standard size drawer. For the 4 papers you need to protect.
  • Second drawer:
    • Appliance rack/pantry. Hide your personal coffee maker, toaster and dry snack stash from your boss and co-workers.
  • Third and forth drawers:
    • Front half houses a mini-fridge and the two “drawers” open as a single door.
    • Back half houses fridge mechanics and a fireproofed NAS with removable redundant drives. Lets face it, your files are digital, lets bring the filing cabinet up to speed.

That’s it my friends. The future of filing cabinets. Just remember where you heard it first.

Another Trip to the Range

August 16th, 2009 Josh

Yesterday was a range day for the Sharpshooters. We had a huge turnout- 7 people! In the morning we ran everyone through a modern action shooting style match that we have named the “Modified Practical” match. In the afternoon we tried a newly-created tactical match. I would explain the whole thing, but I think a video of me running the match will be easier to get…

Grandpa’s Tour of Duty, Part 2: Close Call

August 13th, 2009 Josh

I have been so busy over the past few months that I have let many of my projects collect quite a bit of dust. Tonight I finally broke out and posted another war story video from my grandpa.

When I took these videos, I didn’t start when he started telling the story. So I ended up filming most of the story, then having him circle back to the beginning. The videos previously posted were actually taken after this one, so there is a small gap in the story. I also didn’t have time at the moment to research this part of the story, but if you want to try to figure out what battle this is, I would love to have some comments on it!

Massive Debt

July 1st, 2009 Josh
New old house

Yesterday I closed on my house. I am now the proud owner of this house in Destin! I will be hosting a new house party sometime this month, stay tuned for details!