Not for the weak minded.

Birthday Statistics…

May 18th, 2010 Smerfj

So today is my birthday (well, by the time I finish this post, it will be yesterday).

First off, thank you to all who took the time to wish me a happy birthday!

Now, just for grins I thought I would collect the data for who wished me a happy birthday and do some analysis.  Why? Because I’m an engineer, and that’s what I do. To make things fun, and maybe spark a few different responses next year, I have a “prize” thrown in the mix. I’ll say what it was at the end of the post. So here are the fun statistics for the day:

Total numbers:

I received a total of 79 happy birthday wishes today.
71 unique people wished me Happy birthday.
16 of those people wished me happy birthday even though we haven’t had a legitimate conversation in more than a year, or really, ever.


8 people jumped the gun, and wished me a happy birthday before my birthday.
I received 11 wishes before 8am, 18 between 8am and noon, 13 between noon and 5pm, and 29 after 5pm.


I got 9 wishes in person.
10 People talked to me on the phone.
13 People texted me
1 person emailed me
45 people used facebook
1 person twittered
8 people wished me happy birthday using more than one method of communication. 1 of those people used three methods (the rest used 2).


I got 1 cake (homemade, and awesome)
12 people sang to me, 7 of them on the phone.
one person took a shot with me.


Take note, because you get bragging rights for the “grand prize”.
Grand prize, First person to wish me a happy birthday in a personal manner, on my actual birthday (methods that count are in person, phone call, or text to my phone): Brian McWhirter (which is awesome because we’ve been best friends for 12 or so years now, and he still got it).

Runner up, first birthday wish, jumping the gun a whole two days early is Matthew Klobucher.

Most birthday wishes goes to Matthew Wright, who texted, twittered, and wished me a happy birthday in person.

So, from these numbers, what can I gather? Well, I have many caring friends, and I am grateful for you all (even if Facebook had to remind you that it was my birthday). Now I’m going to switch my Facebook birthday to Friday and see how many people get tripped up. This should be fun.

I leave you with this, the ending to the game Portal (so if you have not played the game, and might, don’t click play…) which happens to be catchy, entertaining, involves science and guns, and of course, cake.