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This past weekend I went to my first pistol competition. Jim (who teaches the NRA classes with me) has been itching to go to some kind of competition for a while now, found this one and we decided that we would just go and check it out. The match took place at the EMRL range.  We brought out gear, but had only planned to watch.

Of course we got there and everyone told us to break out the gear and shoot! So we took part in our first competition. I don’t think we did that bad either for our first try. Overall we placed 11th and 12th out of about 30 people. There are different divisions based on what pistol you carry. I am in the CDP (custom defense pistol) category with my .45 cal 7+1 Ithica Colt 1911. There were only 7 people in that category, but I placed 2nd! Jim ended up in the SSP (standard service pistol) category along with about 20 other people, so with nearly the same score, he placed 8th in his division.

We are both also classified as UN … unclassified (imagine that), but in February there will be 2 classification matches. I will be practicing quite a bit more at home between now and then since my downfall was my slow magazine changes.

The highlight of the trip had to be the 7 year old kid. He was very meticulous, but an impressive shot for his age. Give him 10 years and he’ll be unbeatable. He’ll also finally be able to drive!

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