Not for the weak minded.

No Resolutions For the New Year

At the turn of the year I was thinking about a few things that I could resolve to change. One was to start working out and get into shape. Another one was to finish projects I have started before moving to the next. Another was to blog more. As I went through this mental list, I decided that these were all things that I have tried to do before, and making a New Year’s Resolution was pointless – actually I think it would even hurt the issues.

My reasoning is that all of my resolutions require some kind of lifestyle change to truly accomplish them. If I want to make a lifestyle change, it has to be a forward-looking, positive change. Some people count the days that have passed since they started their change. To me that only ties you to the past. I think if you’re counting those days, you don’t actually believe you’ve made a lifestyle change, you’re just challenging yourself to persevere until you reach a higher count than your previous attempts.

So for every change I make this year, I will not be marking the day on the calendar, or attempting to count the days that have passed. I won’t tell anyone I’ve made the change; I will simply make the change and live it as if I have always lived that way.

I suppose, though I have made no ‘official’ resolutions, my New Year’s Resolution is simply ‘change’.

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