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November 12th, 2008 Josh

I know I still need to finish the JD 3hp series, and the Turbo jet math needs some work, but right now I have a short-term computer project that I am going to post.

This is the preliminary layout for my new Portable HTPC. It is being built in an aluminum tool box that i picked up from Home Depot for 20 bones. Not bad considering the cheapest computer cases are barely that cheap and not even as close to being this rugged. 

The purpose for this project is to have a computer that will do the following:

  • Live music effects processing- plug in a guitar and pedals
  • Live music multi-track recording
  • Blu-ray Home Theater PC
  • DX10 gaming PC

This is quite a lot to ask of a computer, but I think I managed to put together the hardware that will do it:

  • mATX board
  • Core 2 Duo 7300
  • 4GB OCZ ram
  • Radeon HD4850
  • 160 GB hard drive
  • HD/Blu-ray combo drive
  • 500 W power supply
  • 19″ touch screen
  • Custom case
I will post more pictures and the results of it’s capabilities later (at least that is my intension).